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I'm often asked why I started the Run Your Day podcast and what compelled me to do it, so I thought I'd share that with you here...


After years of being stuck in jobs I hated and couldn't stand to be at, I finally decided enough was enough.


Most of my life I spent hiding from the truth of who I was and how I felt. Then one day I realized I talked to myself all the time about my life, but never spoke to anyone else about it.


Then the bright idea entered my mind..."I should start a podcast..."


But I had no idea how to do that, what I would say or what value I could possibly add to anyone's life.


300 episodes and thousands of downloads later, things have drastically changed.


About Dan Hafner & Run Your Day

A Hidden Journey...

2018 - Present


RunWage Corporation is the umbrella software and fitness company that publishes the apps and software that I’ve produced and offered the past few years including “RunWage” and “Run Your Day."

Originally, the Run Your Day podcast was born as an idea to promote and build the RunWage app, but it took on a life of it's own.

“Run Your Day Academy” is a mentoring program designed for new entrepreneurs that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. If you’re brand new and starting your very first business, or making up to $10,000/month in revenue, then Run Your Day Academy is for you.

Not only will you learn how to "run your day" from me directly, but you’ll get access to exclusive classes from some of the best personal development experts available on

  • how to change your broken mindset

  • how to build a successful business

  • how to build a marketing campaign that converts

  • and MUCH, MUCH more…

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