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Capacity Is Everything

1 min read     •     August 24, 2020     •    Personal Development


By Dan Hafner

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Sometimes you just aren't strong enough to pull something off. You might buckle under the pressure or fall short of a target or just get your ass straight up kicked. The important thing to remember is that you aren't a failure or wicked or awful if that happens - you just don't have the capacity to pull that thing off right now.

Even if you bite off more than you can chew, it makes you stronger. After all, how are muscles built? They are torn down before they build themselves up again.

2-part question:

  1. Where in your life have you been crushed by the enormity of something (job, fitness, etc), but looking back on it, you just weren't strong enough at the time to pull it off?
  2. Where in your life is something now easy which was incredibly difficult for you to pull off, but you haven't given yourself props for noticing that about yourself?

Just as in weight-lifting, if you try to pick heavy shit up but you aren't strong enough to do it, you'll fail. Your capacity is the internal and external capabilities you have to actually pull things off - and it can grow and shrink over time.

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